Only RNases Destroy Coronaviruses in the Infection

  Title: Only RNases Destroy Coronaviruses in the Infection
         Truth from a logical thinking

     Naomi Okuyama
    Director, Okuyama Clinic of Ophthalmology
    Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture. JAPAN

    Key Words
 m-RNA, Coronavirus, Capsid, COVID-19, RNase, Enzyme, Temperature, Thermotherapy,  Coldness, Japanese-style bath.

 RNases decompose the m-RNA genome of the coronavirus. It is RNases that work mainly in coronavirus infections, not the immune system. RNase activity in the cell increases with rising of cell temperature. The thermotherapy increases cell temperature. We can destroy common coronaviruses and COVID-19 viruses with the thermotherapy.

     Only RNases Destroy Coronaviruses in the Infection

@ This writing is a discussion at the level of common knowledge of students. This sentence is just a writing that does not meet the form of a scientific paper. But this has an urgency to save people.

  1) m-RNA
 Among structurally unstable RNAs, the m-RNA is particularly unstable and easily decomposed.
 The principal element of a coronavirus is a m-RNA, that is a positive-sense single-stranded RNA. The m-RNA genome of a coronavirus is most long in RNA viruses. And the capsid of a coronavirus does not protect the own genome in invaded cells. Coronaviruses have these remarkable features. These indicate that the coronavirus genome can be easily destroyed.
 The basic structure is the same for both common coronaviruses and the COVID-19 virus.

  2) RNases
 When coronaviruses invade mucosal cells in the nasal cavity and lungs, RNases in the cells begin to decompose the virus m-RNA. It is not a special event. Then, if the decomposition of the m-RNA surpasses the increase of the viruses, coronavirus diseases do not develop. If the increase of the viruses surpasses the decomposition of the m-RNA, the diseases develop. The action of RNases in the cells are the key to suppress coronavirus diseases.

  3) The principle of the thermotherapy
 As the temperature rises, the action of enzymes in the cell increases 2 to 25 times depending on the type. This is different from the food science enzyme, which has the highest enzymatic activity at 37 C. RNase activity in the cell increases with rising cell temperature. It occurs above 36C.
 In the corona infections, fights between the decomposition of the m-RNA by RNases and the increase of viruses are repeated within a small range of rising and falling of the cell temperature. The higher the temperature, the decomposition by RNases defeats the increase of viruses, and the lower the temperature, the increase of the virus defeats the decomposition by RNases.
 If the body temperature rise, it can be expected that the activity of RNases will be greatly increased. Increased temperature increases the decomposition of the coronavirus m-RNA. This is the principle of the thermotherapy for coronavirus@infections. Thermotherapy is to increase the body temperature. The temperature in the cells is the second key to suppress coronavirus diseases.

  4) Thermotherapy destroys coronaviruses in the infection
 In healthy conditions, changes of body temperature stay within a small range. When the thermotherapy is carried out, intracellular RNase activity increases sharply by increased body temperature. Then, the m-RNA of the coronavirus that has invaded the cell is rapidly destroyed by RNases. To a certain limit, the higher the temperature of the thermotherapy, the stronger the destruction of coronaviruses. On the contrary, RNase activity decreases as the temperature decreases.
 The increased temperature increases the activity of RNases. If the temperature is the same, the effect of the thermotherapy will become greater when the number of viruses in a cell is low, such as at the beginning of infection. Only RNases increasing the activity work in the infected cells. Ii is because when the temperature is the same, the power of RNase will not change. @
 If the number of viruses in a cell increases, RNase activity do nor increase. This is because the decomposition of the m-RNA by RNase is not an action to protect cells from invading coronaviruses. It is only natural reaction. The immune system plays no role in the cells. It works outside of the cell.
 The COVID-19 virus has the same basic structure as common coronaviruses. All coronaviruses inside of the cell are destroyed by the thermotherapy. It will be possible to eradicate coronaviruses completely from the body.


  1) The temperature of mucosal cells
 In Japan, people had said traditionally. "Keep yourself warm so you don't catch a cold." "If you catch a cold, warm up and go to bed."
 As the temperature rises in spring, temperature of mucous cells in the nasal cavity and lungs, which are exposed to cold inhaled air, also rises. Increased temperature of mucous cells increases intracellular RNase activity. Then, unlike in winter, even if a coronavirus invades a mucosal cell, the virus is decomposed and cannot infect the cell.
 Coronaviruses are pleased with the coldness.@The coldness makes the COVID-19 worse. The coldness kills patients. The coldness is especially important in coronavirus diseases. Old people were much wiser than modern people. @

  2) Effect of@the thermotherapy
 In the early stage of the infection, or when the number of the viruses is low, the coronaviruses can be completely eradicated from the body by only one practice of a 10 minutes Japanese-style bath at 43C. This strongest thermotherapy is an example. And 43C is the limit.
 The thermotherapy can be repeated many times until the disease is completely cured, because it is a safe method. @

  3) Methods of@the thermotherapy
 The Japanese-style bath is the most effective. However, it is only in Japan. It is Japanese bath culture. Saunas are also useful. Those are in many countries.
 The easiest method that anyone in any country can do right now is to wear thick clothes. Although wearing thick clothes increases the body temperature only slightly, a certain effect can be expected. To use it for curing coronavirus infections, it is needed to wear thick clothes every day for 24 hours.

  4) Japanese people use Japanese-style baths to cure coronavirus infections.
 Japanese people cure corona infections unconsciously in their daily bath. In Japan, every family has a Japanese-style bath. It is an ideal apparatus of the thermotherapy for the infections. This is the reason why COVID-19 do not get serious in Japan. And it is the strongest evidence for this paper. If people are infected with coronaviruses, they can cure themselves easily in Japanese-style baths.
 Therefore, in Japan, there is no need to take measures to prevent COVID-19. The excessive measures against COVID-19 virus have only harmful effects on the society and destroy people's life. In Japan, those measures gsan-mitsuh etc. were completely needless. And those are extremely stupid.

  5) Conclusion
 Infectious disease specialists consider the fever is only the result of illness. Because of their ignorance, they ignored the coldness. Epidemiologists stir up people's fear and show off their existence. They could not have the ability to assess the malignancy grade of the virus in Japan. WHO is one of them. The mass media cannot find the truth. They thought nothing and just continued to trumpet git is a death virus.h Therefore, it is impossible people and politicians know the truth of coronaviruses. I want to call them gsan-aku.h This means three villains. The COVID-19 affair is a man-made disaster caused by them.
 The truth of coronaviruses is that only RNases destroy the viruses and cure infections. What we need is a means to destroy the coronaviruses effectively by RNases. In Japan, it is the Japanese-style bath. It accomplishes the destruction of coronaviruses most effective, most easily and most safely. But each country will have its own way, besides wearing thick clothes.
 It can be said, at the time of coronavirus infections, the thing most important for people is the temperature. The body temperature, the air temperature, and the air way mucosal cell temperature. And when people in the world have known the importance of the temperature, in each way for each country, the COVID-19 virus will become one of mere common coronaviruses. This is because we can destroy common coronaviruses and COVID-19 viruses with the thermotherapy.
 May people regain their former lives as those used to be! This paper is written for this purpose.
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Only RNases Destroy Coronaviruses in the Infection